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Blueberry Muffin Mix
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“Frozen Muffin Batters” - 60 flavours!!

"SNIP, POUR and BAKE! No need to add more ingredients!

Our delicious, mouth-watering Muffin Batter comes in frozen 1kg packs!! Easy to use! Simply take the frozen mix, let it thaw naturally to room temperature and bake!

Our Ready-to use Muffin Batters comes in Sweet, as well as Savoury Flavours!

Muffins - Sweet FlavoursWheat & Gluten Free
    Batters Available!
Muffins Savoury Flavours

Standard Sweet Mixes:
Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin
Apple & Muesli
Banana & Raisin
Cappuccino (Espresso & Chocolate Nibs)
Caramel Banana (Caramel Paste & Banana)
Caramel Treat (Luscious Caramel Paste)
Carrot Cake (Grated Carrot, Cinnamon & Raisins)
Cherry Choc (Glazed Red Cherries & Choc Nibs)
Chilli Choc (Double Choc & Chilli Flakes)
Choc Caramel (2 Tone Caramel & Double Choc)
Choc Nut (Dark Chocolate & Sprinkle Nuts)
Coco Pine (Coconut & Crushed Pineapple Pieces)
Coconut Berry (Fresh Berries & Coconut)
Double Choc Chip
Lemon & Poppy Seed (With Fresh Lemon Juice)
Milo (Milo Granules… 'Straight From The Tin!'.
Minty Choc (Double Choc With Peppermint Crisp)
Orange (With Fresh Orange Zest)
Rum & Raisin (With Real Rum!!)
Vanilla Choc Chip
Verry Berry (Strawberry, Blackberry & Cherries)

Premium Sweet Mixes:
Black Cherry Nut (Black Cherries & Nuts)
Black Forest (Black Cherries & Kirsch)
Carrot & Pecan Nut
Chocolate Cream Cheese (Real Cream Cheese)
Date & Pecan Nut (Fresh Dates)
Hot Chocolate (Hot Choc & Choc Chips)
Top Deck (Double Choc & White Choc Disks)
Up & Go (Apple, Cinnamon, Nuts, Oats, Banana & Carrot)

Luxury Premium Range:
Apple, Honey & Toasted Muesli
Apricot, Orange & Orange Zest
Apricot, Orange & Pecan Nut
Carrot, Pineapple & Pecan Nut
Cherry Coconut (Cherries & Coconut Flakes)
Lunch Bar (Choc, Crispy's, Bar One Paste & Nuts)
Peanut Butter (Crunchy Rich Peanut Butter)

Bran Mixes - Standard:
Bran & Carrot
Bran, Apple & Raisin

Bran Mixes - Premium:
Health Spin (Nuts, Raisin, Carrot, Sesame/Poppy Seed)
Honey Crunch Bran (Honey, Nuts & Carrot)

Bran Mixes - Luxury:
Pecan Nut & Banana
Pecan Nut & Dates

Savoury Mixes:
Bacon & Feta
Biltong & Cheese
Creamy Cheddar & Feta
Cheese & Corn
Cheese & Herb
Cheese & Onion
Cheesy Cheddar
Chicken & Pineapple
Corn & Crunchy Veg's
Ham & Cheese
Spinach & Feta
Tomato, Olive & Basil

Standard Sweet Mixes: Halaal Range
Bran & Raisin
Bran, Apple & Raisin
Caramel Fudge
Carrot & Banana
Carrot & Nut
Dates & Coffee
Day Break
Double Choc
Lemon & Poppy
Vanilla Choc Chip
Cupcake - Vanilla
Cupcake - Chocolate

Savoury Mixes:
Garlic & Mushroom
Spicy Red Pepper
Spinach & Feta
Sweet Corn & Veg's
Tomato & Basil

Biscuit Dough: Ready-To-Use! 1kg
Chocolate Chip
Melting Moments
Vanilla Choc Chip


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